From Director's Desk

Dear Shareholders,

MJ Exports was our first group company, started by my father in 1962, to focus mainly on International trading activities. MJ Exports saw rapid growth in the 80’s whilst doing business with erstwhile Soviet Union under the Rupee Rouble clearing system, and quickly achieved the coveted STAR TRADING house of India. MJ capitalized on this business growth to set up manufacturing facilities to ensure quality and reliability of the supplies to the customers. MJ today is a multi faceted, multi dimensional business Group with manufacturing activities covering Human Healthcare, Flavors/Fragrances compounds, Plant protection and water treatment chemicals. Having manufacturing locations in Maharashtra and Gujarat in India, and Dubai in the UAE, and with office in London and Moscow, MJ group transcends geographical boundaries. Guided by the core values of Quality, Reliability, Integrity, Passion and Synergy – we thrive on the philosophy of “Uncompromising commitment to the best practices in the industry”.

As the Industrial world looks towards Biotechnology for affordable, sustainable and environment friendly solutions, our foray in the Biotechnology is a step towards this future. We have been manufacturing life saving product such as Insulin injections for more than two decades. In 2016, we have backward integrated to manufacture Insulin raw material through Biotechnological process in our newly constructed US FDA compliant facility. We intend to provide life supporting solutions following the two A’s – Affordability and Accessibility. Further, we are keen to collaborate with companies in India or Internationally to support R&D for scaling up biotech processes from lab scale to commercial scale.

Through our CSR initiatives under MJ Foundation, we have supported several philathropic activities. we aim to provide sustainability in all our businesses and activities. Since 2014 we have been providing free diabetes and hypertension medications to patients at the Pratiksha Nagar, urban health centre run by Somaiya Auyurvihar. As we continue to expand, we remain committed to the growth of our nation through our numerous services in giving back to society that has nurtured MJ Group. I see MJ group as a united family of more than 350 people who work in unison for common goals and a larger good. As we look to the years ahead we renew our pledge to remain committed to excellence, keep abreast of changes and innovations in all the industries that we operate in.