Our Vision

Supporting life, Enhancing lifestyle. At MJ Group, we see that the future as a manifestation of our efforts to improve it today. our vision coincides with our philosophy to support human life in a responsible way.


Diabetes is one of the fastest growing, non-communicable disease across the globe. Type-2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder that can be managed more effectively and in most cases can. Type-2 Diabetes can be prevented by making accurate and timely lifestyle changes at an early stage. We wish to educate and thereby enable people to combat diabetes effectively, With CSR initiative “DiaBeatIt” we aim at focusing on creating awareness about different types of diabetes by hosting camps, promoting regular blood sugar testing for diabetes & diet counselling that leads to healthy lifestyle.

Along with prevention of diabetes, we are constantly working to make our critial care and life saving medicines more affordable & accessible. MJ Biopharm and Biotech aim to be distinctly different with a mission to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies globally in the field of diabetology. With our Biotechnological research-based approach, our major area of focus is to develop cost effective bio-similars to extend affordable health care solutions to millions of people worldwide.

Crop Protection

In the developing world, 40-50 percent of all crop yields are lost to factors such as, pests, fungus, crop diseases, or post-harvest losses. These losses directly impact the yield of the crops which further lead to global deficit of crop production, thereby causing food inadequacy and starvation. Anglo Gulf has been developing crop protection solutions for over a past decade. Our constant commitment is to improve the effects of our Insecticides, Herbicides & fungicides and make them affordable and available in time.

Our constant endeavor is to provide the farming community with products, that targets both reduction of the crop protection cost and increase of the final product yield. Our work is centred towards being a contributor for the benefit of farming community in the developing markets.


Perfumes and Flavors are an integral part of modern life. They have their applications not only in the cosmetic industry but also in various other industries such as pharmaceutcal for therapeutic applications in medicine, FMCG for over the counter products and general wellness. Over the past 3 decades, Fine Fragrances has established its presence in the Flavors and fragrances industry and made significant contribution to provide both the ingredients and blends from smallest customer to the largest of Indian
multinational. .

The Fine Fragrances Boutique is a premium experience space launched to support and encourage small & medium business that are new entrants in the perfumery industry. Principle objective is to help them to understand and experiment with ingredient selection and usage such that it helps them develop compounds to build their business. We intend to create a learning experience for people who are new to fragrance-based industry and help foster synergistic growth.

Specialty Chemicals

Keeping in mind the Group’s commitment to environment, we recently forayedinto water treatment specialty chemicals. Anglo Gulf has developed capabilityto provide custom solutions to the Industries to support their water treatmentefforts and manufacture a range of water treatment chemicals. From raw
water to effluent water we offer comprehensive solutions to maximum system efficiency, reduce maintenance cost & save energy.