Messages from our employees

Employees are given the freedom to work up to their individual capabilities. Excellent environment for work.

Balasaheb Gaikwad
MJ Biopharm production

Having worked at MJ since 2014, each day brings new challenges and
interesting assignments. The open work culture allows us to express ideas and implement new things. The trustworthy leadership makes us all feel like a family.

Vicky Shinde
MJ Biopharm IT

Great exposure and space to learn, management listens to employees ideas, transparent communication leads to a growth oriented approach.

Rukuvijay Gowda
MJ Biopharm HR

MJ Biotech offers a great work/life  balance and all employees feel empowered to give their valuable suggestions on “We Care”. It has a unique culture of allowing teams to operate  with a high level of

Vivek Patare
MJ Biotech Production

It (MJ Biotech) is good place to work, having good working culture, friendly environment, research oriented work place, supportive management and good HR policies.

Roshan Ubale
MJ Biotech Excise

Good and friendly culture and worth working here. Liberty to think, work and make decisions. Supportive Management who are available whenever needed. In spite of the difficult period, Management given the increments and shown the courage to believe in the team members.

Abhay Kale
MJ Biotech Finance

MJ Group is an awesome company! Upward mobility, Great work environment and perks! Over all this is the best company with well cultured & rich in heritage.

FFPL Factory Floor

I am very thankful to the Management of MJ Group, who have given me the opportunity to develop my skills in one of their companies (FFPL). Management not only praises accomplishments but also has words of encouragement for hard work which boosts the morale.

Niraj Shah
FFPL Sales Manager