MJ Foundation

Our true acquisitions lie only in our charities, we get only as we give.

We have a deep sense of gratitude towards the society & its contribution towards the prosperity of the MJ group. We wanted to leave behind a legacy that gives back equally to the society that has given us so much. The MJ foundation was formed & has been working over the years to lend a helping hand to causes that we as a group believe in. Over the years MJ Foundation has provided aid to many causes. Our contributions have been distributed in the fields of healthcare, financial aid, social & economic causes.

We wanted to inspire positive change in the society about the disease we have spent the past 6 decades combating. Hence, we decided to focus our efforts & resources in creating awareness towards the combat & prevention of Type-2 Diabetes.

Type-2 Diabetes is one of the leading, non-communicable lifestyle diseases. As a leading pharmaceutical company that specializes in diabetes management, we have deeply studied and understood the various causes & associated comorbidities of Type-2 Diabetes. Diabetological Research worldwide has concluded that by adopting accurate and timely lifestyle changes, Type-2 Diabetes can be prevented.

MJ Foundation’s new initiative “Dia-Beat-It” was conceived with the vision to share our knowledge and resources with the urban population to bust myths, answer questions & improve social perception of Type-2 Diabetes.

Dia-Beat-It will function and work towards:

1. Creating a focused diabetes care program for Type-2 Diabetes that includes:

  • Educating the urban people about the various causes, symptoms and factors influencing onset of Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Creating awareness about the various lifestyle changes one can make to prevent the onset of Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Hosting camps at urban healthcare centres, schools & colleges and public areas to promote awareness of Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Organize drives that promote regular monitoring & testing for diabetes.
  • Arrange for diet counselling sessions for people with weight management problems.
  • Promote importance of physical activity in children, adolescents and adults.
  • Provide effective diabetes management solutions for people having Type-2 Diabetes.

2. Providing aid towards various urban health care centres in form of free medications.

3. Identify and aid juvenile Type-1 Diabetes patients with socio-economic disabilities to lead a healthy life while living with diabetes

We believe this initiative will enable us to make a lead the charge towards developing a system that effectively combats & prevents diabetes thereby facilitating positive change in the society.