At the MJ Group, we have treated environmental sustenance as key practice. We want to contribute to the positive change to help better the environment. We do that by adoption of sustainable development approach to ensure we are actively participating in creating a healthy ecosystem.

We have actively taken steps to ensure we are doing our bit towards helping the environment. We have a zero-waste discharge system – After treating the waste water in the effluent treatment plant, we use it for our landscaped gardens. We have planted 400 trees in last 3 years. We have installed an environment monitoring system. We have a waste treatment plant to cater to the needs of environmentally compatible waste disposal.

All our companies comply with EHS regulations of the countries they are located in. We have periodic audits to ascertain our compliance is maintained. We actively try to incorporate the policy of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” in our manufacturing practices.

We believe that our contribution, no matter how small, will contribute to a making the earther a little cleaner & greener.